The perfect garage for car repairs

1930239-female-mechanic-portraitYou are driving along when your car starts to make a strange noise. You try to ignore it, but as it gets louder and louder your heart sinks as you realise you are going to have to take it to a garage. But how do you find the perfect garage for your car repair?


The mechanics need to be knowledgeable about your car. It may be safest to take it to garage that deals specifically with a certain type of car, but these will not always give you the best deal. In any case, if the mechanic looks at your car and says, “Never seen one of those before,” run a mile.

Good Value

The perfect garage will not cut corners so may not always be the cheapest, but they should be good value. Get at least a couple of estimates before you decide. At the perfect garage the final price will be close to (or even under) the estimate.


You think you have found the perfect garage, you drop off your car for repair and wait… and wait… and wait. Ask around to find out which garages can be relied upon to get your car back to you in a timely manner.

Service with a Smile

The perfect garage will make you feel like a valued customer and treat you with courtesy and respect no matter how obvious it is that the damage is entirely your fault.In addition, for repairs while you wait, the perfect garage has a free coffee dispenser (or is sited next to a pub).