Enjoying your Own Home Cinema Experience in your Garage


Once the preserve of the rich and famous in expensive upmarket London districts, home cinemas are now a realistic and affordable option for many homeowners, particularly if they have a garage that can be converted into their own private facility. As well as meaning you can access your favourite movies without leaving the house, home cinemas are also a popular option for dedicated gamers who wish to enjoy the advantages of a large screen and powerful surround sound.

Choosing a location for your home cinema is important as you will probably want it to be separate from the rest of the house so that disruption from your sound system is minimised. For this reason, a garage conversion is a logical solution, as garages tend to be located away from other living spaces, such as lounges and bedrooms, and are not ‘walkthroughs’ to other parts of the property, so you can be confident of enjoying your favourite film or game without fear of being disturbed, or caused disturbance to others.

Nowadays few homeowners use their garages for their cars and the available space is the ideal size for conversion into a home cinema. As a garage often has exposed brickwork and ceiling joists, additional improvement work, such as channelling electrical cables and inserting soundproofing insulation into the walls, can be completed with minimal disruption and mess. Other building work, such as the infilling of the garage door and creating stud walls, reflects a typical garage conversion but without the need for the fitting of additional windows (you’ll want your home cinema to be as dark as possible). However, bear in mind that converting your garage constitutes a change of use of part of your property and you may require planning permission and building regulations to complete the work.

With the basic garage conversion completed, you will need to invest in home cinema equipment, such as ambient lighting, a large screen (the size of which should be matched to the size of the room), surround sound speakers and comfortable cinema-style seating. In order to enjoy the best possible movie experience, obtaining professional advice prior to commencing conversion work is important, so that the exact design of the cinema can be planned carefully in line with your needs, budget and garage size.

With a garage conversion an affordable option that is usually logistically straightforward, creating your own private home cinema is a realistic lifestyle choice that many more homeowners could enjoy, making late night visits to the public cinema a thing of the past.