Designing the right home for your car

5341445-garage-and-carMost people want to increase their existing garage space or build a new garage, but they are not sure about the right design. A garage is a practical benefit and increases the value and efficiency of the property. If you know the dimensions of your plan, you can find the design of your choice right away. Here is a quick guide on designing the right garage for your car and home.

Relationship to the property

A garage should look like an addition to a house and not stand out. It is much easier to build a detached garage rather than an attached one. But if your property is small-sized, a large garage will minimise the visual impact. It is best to build a garage away from the house so that it looks less dominant.

Code restrictions

You must decide whether it is physically possible to fit a garage on your driveway. It is therefore necessary to apply for building permissions from local authorities to find out how close you can build the garage to your home. The driveway design, roof and wall height will all be assessed by your local council. It is also best to ask an architect to apply for such permissions in order to avoid any problems later.

Attached or detached

The biggest decision you need to make is whether to build a detached garage or an integrated one. An attached garage is cheaper and more convenient plus it can be used as a pantry or utility room. On the other hand, a detached garage also has its own advantages, especially if you want to add an extra shelter against the adverse weather. A detached structure keeps car pollution and dust out of your home, hence the reason why so many homeowners prefer a separate building.

Access and flow of traffic

If you are building a garage, you will also need a driveway of at least 10 feet wide. Take into account how many cars will be entering your driveway and if you plan to park in from of the garage, you must allow at least 15 feet between the sidewalk and the door, although, this distance may be reduced if you opt for an automatic door opener. If you live on a busy road, you should think about a long driveway of at least 12 feet. It is perhaps best to discuss your ideas and plans with an experienced architect first before going ahead with your building project.